Vapr by Will Tsai and SansMinds



 "You see the clouds in the sky? I made that with Vapr!"

- Cyril Takayama 

The future of creating smoke from your bare hands is here. A precision engineered instrument, Vapr is the new standard for magicians, and special effects artists who need to heighten that magical moment with ethereal clouds of mystical smoke.

Creating safe smoke from your hands has historically been problematic. All of those problems have been solved with Vapr. Plus, many never-before-seen features have been integrated into Vapr such as the remote feature. Now, you can create smoke from almost 50 feet away! This opens up a new universe of magical opportunities. Many smoke props that create smoke at a distance sold for $500-$1500 in the past. Vapr is the first smoke unit ever, to integrate smoke from the body and from a distance into one unit, at the fraction of the cost.

Vapr is extremely easy to use and is everything you could wish for to bring theatrical-level special effects you're your magic. 



  • Ultra Compact - Half the size of other smoke units. 
  • DOUBLE the smoke output. 
  • REMOTE operated up to 50ft. 
  • Repeat over and over instantly. 
  • Continuous smoke production up to a full minute. 
  • Extremely quiet operation. 
  • No external battery pack. 
  • USB Rechargeable unit + rechargeable remote. 
  • Customizable tube length. 
  • Designed for comfort, long periods of use and no slipping. 
  • Incredibly easy. Beginners to top pros can use Vapr with ease. 
  • Durable and needs very little care. 
  • No chest straps. 
  • Extremely safe.


  • The Vapr smoke system (Switch/pump, tube, & heater coil) 
  • Rechargeable remote switch 
  • 10 Vapr smoke cartridges (80-100 puffs per cartridge) 
  • Super soft arm strap 
  • Super soft wrist strap 
  • Dual USB charging cable 
  • USB to 110 AC Power adapter 
  • Includes DVD with 3 original magic tricks created only for Vapr along with maintenance, product care, tips and best uses


  • 3 refill packs (1 refill pack contains 10 cartridges) That's a $60 value!

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