Ultimate Handy Sound (UHS) by King of Magic - Trick

Murphy's Magic

UHS is the ULTIMATE in self-controlled sound. No matter if you are performing walk-around or performing in front of 10,000 people, UHS is the controller for you! Take sound with you EVERYWHERE!

Comes with almost 1000 different sounds BUT you will be able to download many different types of Media onto this remote sound /storage device. Such as; your personal sounds, Samples, Songs, Your Voice, ANY style of Music, etc.!

The compact (flesh-tone) multi-button wireless remote has an EXTREMELY STRONG Signal and can control 10 different songs, sounds, Samples, etc. at the press of a button! Program each button to a different sound or song! Even repeat it, stop it in the middle, start it again, repeat a song or ANY sound at ANY time during your performance! UHS can hold up to 50 minutes of sound. This means you can play sounds that are a few second long up to songs that are 20 minutes long. UHS Is great for ALL performers; Magicians, Mentalists, Jugglers, Comedians, etc. You will be able perform anywhere and anytime at your control.

UHS Features:
  • Hook up to any sounds system!
  • No need for assistance!
  • Control your entire show in your pocket!
  • Five button Wireless Remote (2 settings)!
  • Battery Powered!
  • Use right out of the box!
  • Use your own sounds, songs, etc.
  • No special software required!
  • Great Sound Quality!
UHS Comes With:
  • Loud Compact Speaker (place under a coat, in a close-up case, etc.)!
  • Hard Plastic Long-Distance Remote /with Easy to Feel Buttons!
  • Sound Base with Output!
  • Pre-recorded Sounds!
  • Instructional DVD!
  • CD with almost 1000 sounds to get you started!
Note* Two 9V batteries required

Further Information:

UHS Performing examples:
- Use a selected sound to indicate the right card out of 5, which the audience has picked in advance.

- Have an audience member to choose a card to them self. Make sure nobody else can see. Then pick up the deck and place it to another member's ear. The member will hear a voice from the deck indicating the missing card. Have the member repeat to missing card.

- Place a coin into a cup and continuously place coins into it. Shake the cup to hear the coins shaking in the cup. The magician snaps his finger to make the coins disappear, flip the cup over for proof.

- Place 5 different object on the table. For example, coin, lighter, Smartphone, glasses, and keys. Then have a member of the audience come up on stage and say, "I will turn around (or blindfold, or a different place), when I'm not looking please choose an object of your choice." The magician will be able to point out the choice the member made. The magician will be able to do this as many times as they want and even will be able to do this with exchanging objects on the spot.

- After the object choosing mental magic, step up the difficulty. Collect 5 different objects from the audience's possession, for example, a hat, a handkerchief, a bottle beverage, a ring, and gum. (The object can be anything, just make sure you do not get the same object twice.) Combine them with the previous objects to make 10 separate objects. Have a member or even two members to come up on stage and choose an object for each. The magician will be able to point out the right objects as before. This means that the magician can perform this without prepared objects. This will we be able to exceed performances like the ones you see on TV where the magicians use only prepared objects.

- Magicians in close-up magic and stage performances usually play BGM's during their show. UHS can play up to 10 songs that are 5 minutes long each. UHS can correspond to long performances, select a low or big sound and even play louder sounds with a bigger speaker (not included). All the BGM's can be controlled in your hand.

- There are performers in theme park that are uniformed as a street cleaners that play window wiping sounds and spray can sounds with body action to amuse people. Such pantomime performances with sound can be conducted.

- Play unthinkable sounds from the performer to fit pantomime moves or juggling techniques.

- UHS prank example, as a performer is walking a sound of coins dropping comes to ear. The audience will search for them with the performer, but there is not a coin on the floor. (Choose the place and person with precaution)

- Other Magic, Pantomime, Juggling, Dance, Prank tricks can be performed with new ideas, infinite boundaries.

Additional Information:
- There are up to 1000 sound effects in the CD included which can be inserted into the device.

- You can insert sound effects and voices that you recorded by yourself, music from CD's into the UHS with a PC. It's so easy.

- There is a volume for you to select a load sound for street and stage performances, also to a low volume for only you to hear.

- UHS can play up to 10 songs that are 5 minutes long each. The song or sound of your choice will be played at the timing you like. Even repeat it, stop it in the middle.

- UHS can hold up to 50 minutes maximum of sound. This means you can play sounds that are a few second long up to songs that are 20 minutes long.

- The timing of the sound will be handled by remote control. It is very small and can easily be hid in the palm of your hand. The remote controller will fly up to 10m maximum. If you have a partner in the crowd you will be able to perform with nothing in your hands.

- UHS remote controller holds up to 10 sounds at a time. You will be able to play all 10 sounds with just the remote controller without touching the main device. You will not have to buy time or make suspicious movements to conduct UHS.

- For people that have used Handy Sound will easily acknowledge the way to use UHS. The important thing for using UHS is the performers acting skills.

In the DVD there is a lecture on how to using UHS and how to exchange sound effects.

***The props used in the video, such as the coin cup and cards etc. are NOT included.