Svengali Mate by Sven Lee - Trick

Murphy's Magic

This is DOUBLE IMPACT Svengali magic.

The world's very first combo pack of Svenlopes and Svengali Book. This unique and innovative combination allows you to perform incredible routines using two participants at the same time!

This is a great way to "Double Force." The applications for this flexible 'tool kit' are limited only by your imagination.

  • A set of 20 black envelopes of size 4"x6". 10 of these are normal envelopes and the other 10 are force envelopes.
  • A 50 page Svengali book of size 4"x5" having 25 normal pages and 25 force pages (all plain white) with black covers.
  • A special prediction envelope of size 4"x6".
  • A link to a downloadable PDF with 7 killer routine ideas.
  • Another PDF detailing instructions and handling tips.
  • All packed in a secure silver pvc pouch to enable delivery to you in pristine condition.