Linko (LifeSavers) by Ben Williams - Trick

Murphy's Magic

Link the mints on a packet of Lifesavers, then link the mints too!

"Linko is a fun, organic effect"

Street magic and modern day magic is all about using everything that is around you. To be able to manipulate and change everyday, common items that EVERYBODY knows is what is expected of the modern-day conjuror.

Linko is one of those tricks that people only ever get to see on TV. It takes an ordinary item, like the Lifesaver mint and packet, and makes them extraordinary. After all, who wants to just be 'ordinary'?


You show your spectator a couple of regular Lifesaver mints (these can be checked), and the spectator holds onto them. As they hold the mints in their hands, you direct their attention to the mint packet. You show the logo on the packet fairly and then, with a wave of the hand, you create a miracle. You move the ink on the label so that the two Lifesavers on the logo design are now completely LINKED! This is not a sticker or an illusion -- the packet has been changed forever. You can even hand it out to your spectators to keep if you'd like! But it doesn't end there. You remind the spectators that one of them has been holding a couple of mints in their hands since the beginning. They are instructed to open up their hands and they see, impossibly, that the mints in their hands are now also completely linked! These two ordinary items are no longer ordinary. They can be completely examined and also kept by the spectators if you wish.

This is what magic is all about, giving people experiences they have never seen before that will stay with them forever. This is why Linko was chosen to be performed on TV by the insanely talented and overtly cool Troy. Troy and his team knew that the organic nature and visual of the altered logo was perfect for the hit series on E4. Not only was it perfect for TV, but working magicians from all over the UK have been using Linko as part of their working repertoire. It is frequently used by workers as one of the Top Table tricks to be performed for the Bride and Groom at weddings. It is that good.

Modern day TV style magic that is easy to perform.

The online video tutorial teaches many different handlings, from devilishly simple to the full monty, leaving no room for the spectator to even think about handlings. There are handlings where the mints link in the spectator's hands and where the mints on the packet link in their hand, too! All are fairly easy to perform, yet some require more guts for your glory! The angles are extremely good, making this a very workable trick no matter what size crowd you attract. It is one of those high-impact tricks that is within the reach of even the most amateur of performers.

Perfect for Street Magic
Perfect for the Top Table
Perfect for Walkaround

Points to remember:

- Super easy to do
- 10 labels inside each pack
- Multiple handlings taught for both Linko and the Linking Mints
- The perfect souvenir for a wedding or anniversary, or potential client
- Contemporary close-up TV-style magic you can easily perform surrounded
- Perfect for a show reel
- Perfect for your mates down the pub
- Perfect for a close-up gig


"Thank you for creating it. I love it, mate"
- Steve Rowe (Creator of Lolli Hero)

"This trick left holes in my head! It's in my working repertoire"
- Kieron Johnson (Creator of To the Max and Ice-olation)

"This trick is MINT! I own it and I perform it!"
- Jimmy Strange (Creator of Deceptus and Strongman)

"Just checked out Linko. I'm gonna have a pack of these in my bag at all times now!"
- Jason Knowles (Creator of Double Take and Blink)

"Linko is a brilliant effect. I use it at every gig."
- Mathew Youngs