INNOVATRIX Magic Set by Fantasma Magic - Trick

Murphy's Magic

Learn to perform magic tricks with the Fantasma Innovatrix Magic Set!

The Innovatrix Magic Set comes with:
  • The Dimensionalizer: A unique, stage-quality prop that flattens any item put into it! (For use with included stretched phone card and stretched comedy card.)
  • Music Pod Production: An MP3 player that produces a set of earbuds for your listening pleasure!
  • Floating Bill: Make a dollar bill rise up right out of your hand!
  • Skylighter Wand: A magic wand with a light-up tip. Perfect for use with your Skylighter!
  • Skylighter: A mysterious, glowing red light that suddenly appears at your fingertips!
  • Magic Puzzle Cube: Three great effects can be performed with this great trick- instantly unscramble a scrambled puzzle cube, guess which color is facing up in a closed box, and more!
  • Miracle Deck: Dozens and dozens of tricks can be performed with this amazing, gimmicked deck!
  • 6 Mind Reader Cards: Divine any chosen number using these special cards!
  • Magic Card Box: Tear and restore a card... change one card into another... make a card vanish... make a card appear!
  • 2 Gold Cards: For use with the Magic Card Box.
  • Money Paddle: Produce money - REAL money!
Fantasma magic sets are the only sets in the world endorsed by the International Brotherhood Of Magicians!

All Fantasma products conform to the most rigorous child safety testing!