The Fifth Fourth by Jonathan Friedman - Book

Murphy's Magic

"I really like this! It's right up my alley."
- Caleb Wiles

"Oh wow!! Man... that's great!!"
- Titanas

"I love this trick! Awesome sauce!"
- Louie Foxx

"I just got fooled and Rick-rolled at the same time."
- Chris Beason

"A highly-customizable piece that can be made to fit your personality. I dig it"
- Ryan Matney, Genii Magazine

"Very nice! I really like The Fifth Fourth... perhaps because Blade Runner is my favorite movie."
- Stephen Hobbs

A prediction is tabled. Four different titles (names, movies, etc) are each torn into quarters, mixed, and then four of the pieces are chosen. They do not match each other. The prediction is revealed. Amazingly, all four random pieces combine to match the prediction after all. As a the end, the four pieces are shown to fit together perfectly along the tears. This manuscript has over 35 photos and 120 variations on the plot. It is truly customizable to anybody's performance style or personal interests. Jonathan Friedman has done ALL of the thinking on you don't have to.