Limited Edition 2019 National Playing Card Deck Zellij Tile (Club Room) COPPER/BLACK by Seasons Playing Card

Murphy's Magic

LIMITED EDITION: Only 499 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

The NPCCD decks are an annual tribute to how we see the art of card collection - beautifully unique, consistently dynamic, and authentically yours. Every year they seek to test the boundaries of the playing card world to keep our art consistently growing.

The 2019 NPCCD collection celebrates the beauty of Moroccan architecture and the origins around it. The intricate complexity of their geometry was a creative constraint that built the culture into what it is today. This collection embraces the beauty of that zellij into the cards on an unprecedented scale.

The collection features 3 different beautifully tiled zellij patterns in 3 different style boxes. Each box is beautifully handcrafted and stamped with metallic intaglio engravings of exotic design. The exterior features the detailed plasterwork of Morocco and features a keyhole in the back. This keyhole is the method to push open the box and reveal the interior doors and arch to the deck.

There are 3 different style boxes -- the GATE featuring locked doors on either side, the ROOM featuring a mirrored doorway on one side, or the ARCH featuring a mirrored doorway on one side and an open doorway on the other. These boxes have the opportunity to work by themselves or work together to create an even larger experience.

The focus of the collection is about discovery. The ROOM features a custom 2-way mirror that will reveal a secret room when underlit. When the ARCH and ROOM are aligned together and lit properly, they will reveal entire hallways into the palace of the deck itself.

Each deck is printed on air cushion finish, with ROOM decks featuring the added bonus of a gorgeous raised tiling effect on each card back itself to mimic the tiles of Moroccan walls and floors. Each ARCH deck features this same effect, however it is on the face of each card, on the pips themselves, to make each card more tactile and immersive.

This year's collection has been our most popular yet. Don't miss out on a chance to own a part of history!